Patient Participation Group (PPG)

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The Patient Participation Group (PPG) has been set up to provide contact between the Fakenham Medical Practice (FMP) and the community of patients served by the practice. Thus, the PPG provides a forum for patients to offer constructive suggestions about the services provided by the practice and the healthcare of patients. The ideas, comments and proposals offered by or for the patients will be welcomed, fully explored and replied to as soon as possible. There are few restrictions placed upon patient suggestions, but these may require discussion with Fakenham Medical Practice staff and be subject to their opinions.

Importantly, the PPG is not a platform for pursuing individual issues, for which mechanisms already exist within the practice; details of these may be obtained from the practice manager.

The membership of the PPG believe that considerable opportunities exist for patients to offer their suggestions and support across a whole raft of matters and we hope that individuals will be willing to contribute towards both the present and future development of the Fakenham Medical Practice.

Any emails should be sent to:

All proposals will be dealt with confidentially.